The best way to ensure that dreams become reality is to take the vision from our mind and share it with my people. My following vision is what I call my Vivid Vision, is a mental image of what The High Performance Founder will look like and feel like by January 23 2023

“Why” I do what I do is so transparent.  I love helping entrepreneurs make complete health and body transformations.  As the “Why” of what I do is clear the “How” of what I do is also clear. 


My team and I run High Performance Founder Inc. where we specialize in helping high achieving entrepreneurs transform their health and bodies so they can make a massive impact in their worlds.  We do this through a combination of high ticket 1 on 1 coaching programs as well as online courses that help entrepreneurs decrease fat, increase muscle and enhance their bodies  performance. 

I listen to my inner voice that helps guide my decisions in business.  I call on and trust my gut.  I am committed to be excellent at what I do and it shows in how we deliver our program to our clients.  

I feel excited about working with high achieving entrepreneurs because… 

1.  They are my friends and I hate seeing my friends getting out of shape. 

2.  I impact the world through them.  If they can operate at a greater physical capacity than they are it will have a meta impact on the rest of their lives starting with their families right down to the bottom line of their businesses. 

3. I am able to change how they are able to see themselves so they can show up better for their bodies and businesses. 

My company High Performance Founder keeps growing exponentially because our high achieving clients keep telling their friends about our excellent service and incredible results how we’ve helped them.   

Our reputation for excellence precedes us in a positive way and we’ve worked hard to maintain a level of excellence we can be proud of. 

I am congruent with myself in every way possible when it comes to the integrity of this business.  Partly because we are highly selective about which founder fits our business.   

I only work with clients who are a “fit” with us and ones who I would invite to dinner with my family. 


I’m already successful.  I feel successful every day.  I am no longer trying to prove anything to anyone or to gain approval from others.   

Internally, I’m happy and excited at how successful I am as a business and as human being.  My level of self worth comes from a place that is not based on the external.  It’s an inner love that I’ve learned to cultivate and grow over the years. 

There is no gap.  I’m content with what I have yet I strive to create and receive more because I love playing the game.   

I’ve already made it and everything else is a bonus.  No need to focus on the horizon because I’m centred in myself. 

I’m so happy being in the present spending time with my family, having connection time with my wife and having frequent lunches or dinners with friends in our community. 

How I feel

People comment on how “chill” and relaxed I look.  I’ve got a surfer type of vibe and I feel as chill as I look, which is kinda good for the fact that we spend our winters in Hawaii

I really feel lucky to be doing what I’m doing and I have a total feeling at peace with where I am.  I have fully accepted myself and know I have value in the world.   

My days are fun filled and exciting and I am in control of how I spend my time.   

I’m excited to help entrepreneurs in every interaction I have with them because I know of the tangible and intangible benefits being in great shape and great health will do for them.   

I feel appreciated by others I work with and I comfortably accept the praise people give me and I let the praise sink in.   

I know with complete confidence that I’m making a serious difference to the success of each client.   

I feel confident working with the A players of entrepreneurship as I see them as real human beings and coach them accordingly.   

I always view life through an optimistic lens and I know I’m exactly where I am supposed to be. 

Mentors/Board of Advisors/Community

I am blessed to have a plethora of mentors in the areas I seek growth in.   

For my business I am mentored by a number of successful entrepreneurs who give me sage advice on what to do next with my business. 

I have deep relationships with people who have already figured out the areas I’m trying to be strong at.   

I am also known as a connector of people because I know a great many of people and see ways in which they can make a positive benefit in each others lives.   

I’m surrounded by people who inspire me in my community and the communities I choose to be a part of (Brotherhood and Catalyst). 

Culture and Spirit

My work with high achieving entrepreneurs is a balance of play, growth, hard work and excitement around the plans and systems we build together around their bodies.  

I only work with people who I would want to attach my family name to and this is a standard I’ve kept for myself. 

Our mission is drive by our vision and we work together at building it while having as much fun together as possible. 

Our team is lean but very effective. We have a culture of hard work, growth and a lot of fun.


Our business is known as The PREMIER Health Transformation Coaching Service for High Achieving Entrepreneurs.   

Our work is synonymous with the verb, “Getting HPF’d ie.  When a successful entrepreneur needs to transform their health their friends tell the to go to High Performance Founder” 

Our clients love the work we do with them so much that they wear our shirts and merchandise with great pride.  

My brand rings true with others because we live it out every day.   

When people see my brand they “get it” as it screams so loud everyone can hear.  I am respected, well liked and people are heard saying terms like, “I need high performance founder in my life” 

My look is fashionable, very fit, and exudes a Dwayne Johnson like confidence.  People who know me say that I’m very congruent with my brand. 


Clients say that I’ve helped them stay highly accountable to the things they needed to do to positively transform their health and bodies.  I care about them as if their results were my own.  I make sure to lead our team of coaches and concierge staff to make the best possible environment to transform our clients+customers lives. 

Founders value me as a high level consultant in the heath and performance area because I am known for getting amazing results.   

Clients consistently tell me that my leadership has helped them increase their effectiveness in their business and have enabled them to add millions of dollars to their bottom line. 

Most importantly, clients have told me that they have a greater level of self worth and a better relationship with their body from a physical, spiritual and mental standpoint.   

And most importantly this has impacted their families in a positive way in regards to more presence, greater energy and better mood. 


I say what I need to say while being empathetic to the person I am saying it to.   

What I say has merit and importance because my clients know I’m coming from a place where I’m trying to help.  I am very straight up with them when I coach them and they respect that. 

Because I’m straight up and tell it like it is my clients end up respecting me more because of it.   

People comment that my coaching is a breath of fresh air because we make things easy for them to get into their best bodies.   

I have set up my company where office politics do not exist and everyone I work with is energetic in communicating for the good of the clients we’re working with. 

Customer Service

Our concierge service is legendary among entrepreneurs for catering to all of their health needs.  The value is in how easy they make getting healthy wherever they are in the world. 

We are a “customer centric” company and our focus is in providing the best highest value experience for all of our clients.  

Our clients are very clear about our promises to them and we deliver on those promises 99.9% of the time.   

They feel like they’ve paid very handsomely for my services but received back 2x the amount of value in what they paid.   

Every interaction with me is high value and they liken hiring me to buying a Tesla where all of their needs have been met and even the needs they didn’t think about have been met.   

They wish I was in their life full time but are appreciative of the time we spend with each other transforming their health and bodies. 


We run focused high level coaching programs and we only take clients who have a long term commitment to their health and body.   

Our online courses are promoted by our own customers because of the amount of excellence and simplicity we put into them.  

They are highly practical, easy to use and provide a metric shit ton of value to every customer that invests into them.  

Our programs are based on the principles we use in our coaching business. They are divided into… 

  • Mindset/self image training
  • Workouts for
    • fat loss
    • body recomposition
    • building muscle
    • Dynamic Mobility
      • Stretches
      • Activations
      • Intra Massage
  • Nutrition programs based around fat loss, body recomposition and building muscle. 
  • Dynamic mobility programs that enhance our customers movement potential 

Our online courses are made with excellence and alone they earn us a yearly 7 figure income purely based on word of mouth and email. 

We’ve started to run annual mastermind retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica which is a treat we hold for our LEGENDARY clients.  It’s way to relax, get some surf (or learn how to) and put their newfound health and bodies to good use.  It’s also a way for biz owners to connect and possibly work together on things. 


We have a dedicated Health Transformation Concierge team that tenders to all clients needs when it comes to health.   

We have a proprietary coaching system that we have high level coaches run to help our entrepreneurs get into their best shape.   

We have a company with no full time employees yet having people who work full time on commission or time.   

We have systems for everything in our business from onboarding, to follow up to end-boarding (graduating a client from our program) and they work incredibly well at getting our entrepreneurs in their best shape while developing a relationship that will last a lifetime. 


The media regularly turns to me as an expert on health for entrepreneurs.  We’ve been covered in Men’s Health, Forbes, Inc. and various other publications for the great work we’ve done for our clients. 

The media covers what I do and shows my companies coaching programs as a perfect example of having a high performing body to go with a high performing business.   

The media coverage is shown on my website and the list and credibility of the outlets covering me continue to add clients and build our brand of excellence. 


We effectively use social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and IG) to promote our business and educate future clients on the secrets that make our clients successful.   

Every week we have a different transformation to post and we’re back dated with before/after photos because of all of the great work we’ve done. 

We go deeper with our audience though blogs and podcasts and we are seeing “hockey stick” like growth for our audience regularly adding 100 ideal people (or better) every day to our email list. 

Since starting in 2020 our podcast has grown.  It regularly reaches an audience of 10,000 downloads per episode.  We are speaking to our crowd and are pleased with the growth and direction of the podcast. 

Our newsletter is a valued piece of our audiences day.  We average open rates of 30% or higher with a 50% CTR on any links we put into the emails. 

We have a consistent posting schedule for our podcasts, emails and blog posts and we educate our prospective clients with our emails and are a valued part of people’s day. 


I make a lot of money doing what I do.  I have my programs structured to be paid in advance and all of them are long term contracts because that’s what’s needed to make complete health transformations.   

We have a unheard of 75% profit margin and we are earning over seven figures net, while I’m semi-retired at the age of 43 years old.   

We carry zero family debt (unless we want to) and we’re on track to have enough passive income and savings so that by the time I’m 47 I can begin working more philanthropically.   

The High Performance Founder owns resort like properties in Nosara and Sayulita that my family will use for generations helping us build a strong family that is world wide.   

Our home in Encinitas is our dream home (for now).  It is everything we’ve ever wanted and it’s just so amazing living in a beach front property. 

Family and Friends/Community

I regularly spend time with friends and family before and after working.  Our life in California has us super active and always out and about. 

I only travel to cities or towns if I can take my family or friends with me.   

We spend our winters at various beach/surf locations together as family.  I work on building my relationships with my friends old and new and I proactively pick up the phone to say hi to them.   

I take care of my body + health because it is crux of how I am able to spend my time.   

I regularly surf, do bjj, work out and hike with family.   

I regularly fire negative people from my life if they are not in line with my values as a human being.  

I am surrounded by people that inspire me, who connect with me on a human level and our community is so strong and dedicated to helping each other out in whatever ways we can.  

I understand that water seeks it’s own level and if I intend to make an impact then I need those around me that can inspire me to do more while being an awesome family man. 

I include my family and friends as part of my goals in life and I am a part of theirs.  

We are so grateful for our community and we feel blessed to be around people we love.  

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